h�bbd```b``�"W�If��9����>`���&��$;���� �Ej`F ��8H����e���F!�30��0 6� Entering Belgium means staying on Belgian territory, even if the period is short. Under a Council-approved policy there are special arrangements for the remuneration and benefits of international civilian staff occupying posts in non-NATO countries. When applying, the requestor must be in possession of identity papers or travel documents (such as a passport) recognized by Belgium and valid for at least 3 months* following the planned visit. c���&�!�n)�V�Z�zV*�:x@I��KM�Z��Qӓ�P�5�J���c�j��K�ǥ�������%k�@[�Vi��u��A[WmL� �K�fY�T-�4/ժ�ͧ����c����=��Ww_޿�o��7����/��{������^={��{U���/����l�����~z�ū�ot��mw������q���_������7�����?����7���g�^����w_�׏?���A�/��|��w�3�q�����go�ti�����_�?��Oq��}t�$�/^F�|��/3{�����w�}��'���?����|��}���3��v��8�z���}�������O�,���~s�ÿj�w����2���|���ݿ�Yk2�~z=���ry�Ҽ��ny^뜷����[��ǭͫ6���u�z��G��qm%ߖ��mի�z�Mל���5��z�#��h0M�"S׵���W��Ro��k����Q�S�H�2ϼ��ƴv��q-k�jҵj�e�~����Zo��+�Ե��V���t�\>��n"�ϟ�tϚ~p�~�Փ��I�����|e��ƪ��W��Փz���IzwO��j'����|�_|��i,=���vC�5�1�_a3�����>{*�S��̖x�y���ɗ����7����su��Ƙ����+ey��E���z=���S�p�D�l����n�@���������W{~��yk��'���\�O���o^߿��Ow�����/���C���O]���Oz��D���ۉ���/�����Eb�#��E�c]t�z�H�E\$����b��|�1|N7�N�-ЋF�Qr���R�x�S�4 ���k��\��Ɉti�!�����q��j-�����$.rI���Ė$e%X���E{�g����W�I3��L��Ŵ.�G�˪���v��R��Y�0��)5�R��H����bG-�� �]R��J�%}K����gU�a-xn��Zr�Hj��{��������zi�:[�ţo�LRҠ/W�B���3��bo���Mm��4��D��'>_|"M}|�{W����εIn��niis�m ]��Z���Y����"��Z�c�4եvh-s�6b�R9�֥%+5*RF �Sf��6�fDNz��,WDF�e�ULƋ�k�jӸ���1 �^�9w)4�F���7;�����u^�԰9�r"^}��s�8��6=c�&��5�\Bw(n�j It also fosters the enhancement of individual competencies through a training and development plan. The collective increase for spouse and dependants shall not exceed 100% of the basic amount. After signature of the employment contract at NATO, the formalities for obtaining special ID cards for the staff member and family are begun by the NATO Privileges and Immunities Service. Annual adjustments are normally applied, subject to Council approval, to all scales to compensate for changes in salary purchasing power and the cost of living. Beginning in the 6th year, the allowance will be reduced by 2% per year through year 10, when the allowance will reach zero. For further information please consult our Interim Staff website. Expatriate staff who have not yet completed their first year of residence in Belgium, provided that this is their first period of employment in the country, may purchase certain items (such as furniture and electrical appliances and, under specific conditions, cars) without paying VAT. In addition, NATO pays a hardship allowance calculated by applying UN rates to the adjusted Belgian basic salary. As an employer, NATO values commitment to the principles of integrity, transparency and accountability in accordance with international norms and practices established for the defence and related security sector. These rates may vary from one duty station to another. 474 0 obj <> endobj You can also choose to take your holdings, or part of them, in form of a lump sum payment. If you leave NATO having contributed to the Scheme for less than 6 years; you have the following options: If you leave NATO having contributed to the Scheme for 6 years or more, you are entitled to payment of DCPS retirement benefits and you have the following options: On retirement, the holdings saved on your account will be transferred to an annuity provider who will convert the capital into payment of monthly annuities at commercial rates. h�bbd```b``f�= �i���Q��`s0;D�8�Hֽ`�@�1l%X� lZ)Hķ�fl�� 2(�. Although NATO employees have special status by virtue of the Ottawa Agreement, newcomers from non-EU countries must obtain a short-term tourist visa with a validity of 3 months (see below) before they enter Belgium, to cover them until they have their contract with NATO and acquire an identity (ID) card. The International Staff is located in the beautiful city of Brussels, Belgium, considered by many to be the capital and the heart of Europe, and very close to other countries and capitals. Monday to Thursday: from 08:30 – 17:30 with a one-hour lunch break to be taken at discretion between 12:00 - 14:00, Friday: From 08:30 till 15:30, also with a one-hour lunch break to be taken at discretion between 12:00 – 14:00. Building Integrity is a key element of NATO’s core tasks. (NB : VAT is referred to as “TVA” in French and “BTW” in Dutch). NATO is part of these Organizations and lists the monthly A2 salary as 5,102.13 Euros (annual 61225,56 Euros) and the monthly A4 salary as 7,315.62 Euros (annual 87,787.44 Euros) Please see specific provisions included with each vacancy notice. This is all the more important as the changing international security environment broadens the range of competencies and skills required. Previnet runs and maintains the DCPS web site which allows members to monitor their pension accounts and to request fund switches, on-line. To provide equality of opportunity it is often necessary to treat people differently, in ways that are fair and tailored to their needs. Returns on the investments can be positive or negative, and your account in the Scheme is credited or debited accordingly. This code sets forth the framework and standards for the personal and professional conduct which is to be expected of those entrusted with positions in the Alliance. These are described in the Civilian Personnel Regulations and in implementing directives for the International Staff. In principle, a 3 year definite duration contract is offered on appointment, which may be extended for a further period. Induction training on performance management is given to all new recruits, who receive the "Quick User Guide for Performance Management" during their first days at NATO. NATO appointed Previnet spa as the pension scheme administrator. The allowance shall not be paid back to NATO when the official is successively reappointed by NATO after the termination of his/her previous appointment. Following implementation of the single salary Spine, posts are placed on the single salary spine and are described in terms of 24 “NATO grades”. Valuing diversity means respecting and appreciating those who are different from ourselves. Staff appointed to a post, having accepted an offer of employment on or after 1 July 2015, who are entitled to the expatriation allowance will receive the basic amount of the installation allowance equal to one month’s basic salary, up to a ceiling of EUR 5,500 (Brussels base) adjusted by the purchasing power parity applicable in the country of the duty station. For diversity to live up to its full potential, it needs to be managed. In principle, the first six months of definite duration contracts are a probationary period. At or before the end of the probationary period, the staff member will be notified in writing that the appointment is confirmed or terminated or, in exceptional cases, that the probationary period is extended. The salary paid will of course be reduced in proportion. After the probationary period, it is cumulative and may be taken in advance with the approval of the staff member’s supervisor. Staff members are in principle recruited at pay step one of their category grade. Hazard allowance (50.10 Euro for every day spent in Theatre). Following the approval by the Secretary General of the revised language policy, an implementing directive (PDF/54Kb) was developed for the International Staff with effect from 16 June 2011. The International Staff of NATO encourages the employment of spouses or other relatives. The normal working hours of the International Staff are from 08:30 to 17:30 (or to 15:30 on Fridays) with one-hour lunch break. 0 Staff members recruited from outside the host country receive general information on living in Belgium, as well as guidance concerning housing and schools, in advance of their arrival. The NATO Headquarters in Brussels is a non-smoking environment. The CPRs and the NATO Code of Conduct make it clear that in our multicultural environment every person must be aware of, and respect, the sensitivities of others. It follows a yearly cycle with three main phases: A mechanism for mediation and conflict resolution and a procedure for upward feedback are also part of the system. For further information please consult the attached document. Selected candidates are expected to be role models of integrity, and to promote good governance through ongoing efforts in their work. Staff whose permanent residence at the time of their appointment is 100 kilometers or more from NATO Headquarters have their travel and removal expenses paid for them when taking up their duties and on departure from NATO. Job-specific skill courses are offered in areas such as information technology (IT), finance, translation, pre-deployment and law. Education allowance, for each dependent child who is still studying and is less than 22 years of age, is normally paid to staff members entitled to the expatriation allowance. In case of a disputed claim, this article (PDF/99Kb) from the contract with Allianz is instructive. %%EOF The rate of this allowance will be 10% of the first step of the grade. The grade equivalence table is found above. Mediation and Psychosocial support are provided for the handling of informal and formal interventions and trained persons of confidence can also be contacted by staff members for informal advice and support. It is mandatory to be registered in Belgium after the above-named period of 90 days. Salaries posted anonymously by NATO employees. Further details can be found on the website under http://www.diplomatie.be/ . The accounts are credited each month with member contributions (8% of basic salary) and with Employer's contributions (12% of basic salary). NATO will pay you your holdings as a tax-free cash lump sum upon departure or. In the NATO DCPS, contributions are paid into individual member accounts. The NATO International Staff (IS) offers challenging and rewarding employment opportunities in various fields, ranging from policy development, facilitation of dialogue and policy programme implementation to the provision of services and support for the smooth, effective operation of the Organization and to managing and allocating resources. Staff members may be deployed to other locations during their employment at NATO. Basic salaries and allowances/supplements are not subject to income tax, by virtue of the Ottawa Agreement. The NATO Defined Contribution Pension Scheme is fully capitalized, money - purchase pension scheme which is funded by contributions made by the Organization and by the staff member. It is possible to work variable hours or part time, but this is subject to agreement and depends on service requirements. You have the possibility to maintain your holdings invested and draw your retirement benefits at a later point in time; You have the possibility to transfer your DCPS holdings to another Pension Fund. The Personnel Support Officer arranges for a sponsor to guide the newcomer through the first days at NATO, and an induction course is given every three months to inform the latest recruits about various aspects of working at NATO HQ. Belgian law requires all citizens to carry an identity card at all times, whatever their nationality. Performance management is concerned with progression in order to achieve Organization, team and individual effectiveness. Joining the International Staff means working with colleagues of 30 different nationalities, as well as with national delegations, representatives of NATO countries and partners, and members of the International Military Staff. 495 0 obj <>stream At the time of application for a special ID card, the passport of the applicant must still be valid for at least 12 months. Annual leave is 30 days, i.e. Part-time working is also possible. These five core values – and the principles that exemplify them – form the basis of this Code, which shall guide the conduct of all NATO staff, whether they be civilian or military, in all NATO bodies. %PDF-1.6 %���� %PDF-1.6 %���� The International Staff is particularly interested in applications from persons with backgrounds in areas such as diplomacy, policy development, management, public affairs, project management, IT, secretarial and administrative support and technical and maintenance work, who are already located in Brussels and hold security clearance. Contributions and holdings can be invested in one, or several funds within a fund range of 7 funds, comprising two cash funds, three bond funds and two equity funds. �����a���Ic ���$#�\�J�!O�g`T�` �q� 332 0 obj <>stream They include pre-deployment training, immunization, insurance, and provision of protective clothing and equipment. To make this a reality the International Staff of NATO adopted a Policy on Diversity and Equal Opportunities in 2003. For some posts, there will be a possibility to apply for an open-ended contract during the second term. It also aims  to  correct  pay scales  in  the  duty countries facing challenges to recruit and retain the staff that NATO needs. The travel expenses for the spouse and dependent children can only be reimbursed after satisfactory completion of the probationary period. These indices may go up or down but the basic salary may not be less than that applicable in Belgium. Further information on removals is to be found in Annex I of this brochure. There is a Staff Association to which all staff members belong, represented by an elected Staff Committee whose function is to provide a channel of communication between the administrative authorities and the staff. If the dependent child has performed compulsory military service, payment may be extended beyond the age of 22. Regime applicable to staff appointed by NATO prior to 1st January 2017, Regime applicable to staff appointed by NATO on or after 1st January 2017. item d-d(51)143 - establishment of nato salary scales; item d-d(51)143-cor1 - corrigendum 1 - establishment of nato salary scales; item d-d(51)143-cor2 - corrigendum 1 - establishment of nato salary scales; item d-d(51)144 - provision of funds for second slice infrastructure A contract for a further period may then be offered subject to a decision based upon factors which include confirmation of a continued requirement for the post, the staff member’s performance and the need for rotation. You can ask for the transfer of your DCPS holdings to the pension fund of your next employer. It is made up of people with different backgrounds, cultures, work styles, values and ways of thinking. ESA/NATO Oct. 2016: The ESA astronaut position is classified in the A2/A4 grade band of the Coordinated Organizations’ salary scale. As such, NATO encourages its international civilian employees to undertake regular training with the aim of enhancing and acquiring the competencies and skills needed to perform their duties to the highest possible standards.

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