➤ 2020 August 25 – CGTN releases a new documentary collecting the experiences of students of the vocational centers, Lies and truth: Vocational education and training in Xinjiang. Il participe à la production de repas pour les clients, pensionnaires, résidents, patients (selon December 12, 2018. ➤ 2017 June 1 – China releases the white paper “Human Rights in Xinjiang - Development and Progress.”. Jie, Shan. Some scholars argue that disturbance theory can explain why groups mobilize due to an event in the political, economic, or social environment. Vendredi 25 septembre, elle a présenté, lors de l’assemblée générale des Jeunes agriculteurs, les actions de la Cran pour répondre aux attentes de la loi Egalim. The international community, including U.S. State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki, joins China in denouncing the attack as an act of terrorism. In particular, these sources highlight the historic uses of “atrocity propaganda,” through which the U.S. has galvanized public opinion for war and intervention through misrepresentations and outright lies vis-a-vis ‘humanitarian concerns.’ In particular, the wars in Iraq and intervention in Syria provide a historical warning for how mainstream media and research institutes amplify State Department ambitions. For instance, political scientist Robert Salisbury suggests that group leaders will offer incentives to induce activity among individuals. Entdecke Rezepte, Einrichtungsideen, Stilinterpretationen und andere Ideen zum Ausprobieren. It would appear that Western media would spend most of the remaining summer fixated on Hong Kong. July 21, 2010. The report also cites Zenz's mathematically suspect June 29, 2020 report and the NYT’s November 16, 2019 grammatically wanting “leaks” to back up Dr. Sidick’s otherwise baseless allegations. (see this Zhihu answer for one person’s experience staying 37 days in a Detention House, and this post about the work of a police personnel tasked to a Detention House) [Chinese language]. [Inner Mongolia; the interviewee Hurcabater (Hurichabate’er) speaks in Mongolian]. The book served as a catalyst for individuals worried about the environment and the potential dangers of pesticides. Voices from the Frontline: China’s War on Poverty. (Guangming), “Fascinating China EP17: Manchu Embroidery, Vivid Record of Life.” YouTube video, 2:57. “Our story- Khalkhas: guard borderline to protect our own home.” YouTube video, 2:47. Chinese investigations allege that the riots were enflamed by foreign entities such as the WUC to undermine regional stability and unity. What are some ways to overcome collective action problems? May 31, 2019. The NAACP is a civil rights groups concerned with promoting equality and eliminating discrimination based on race, and members may join to associate with others who have dealt with issues of inequality. Jack Walker, “The Origin and Maintenance of Interest Groups in America,” American Political Science Review 77 (1983): 390–406. A Uyghur-language film popular in China post-lockdown, directly tackles the themes of language and change in a modernizing world amidst a larger story on the impact of China’s poverty alleviation programs. Similarly, purposive incentives focus on the issues or causes promoted by the group. Find out … September 14, 2019. ➤ 2020 September 22 – The U.S. Congress passes the “Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act,” authorizing sanctions on the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps and any other Xinjiang entity as determined by the discretion of the Department of Commerce. (credit: modification of work by Neil Cooler). “The Soviets in Xinjiang: 1911-1949.” 1990. He additionally remains the Deputy Party Secretary of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, a position he has held since December 2014, and Secretary of the Party Group of the Standing Committee of the People's Congress of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, a position he has held since December 2013. December 9, 2019. Yang, Yi. La productrice livre aussi la cuisine centrale d’Argentan, mais « c’est plus ponctuel. This documentary revisits the lingering impacts of terrorism in today’s Xinjiang. (see White Paper: The Fight Against Terrorism and Extremism and Human Rights Protection in Xinjiang). December 20, 2018. December 27, 2018. For more about the genocidal impact of U.S. sanctions as a form of economic warfare primarily targeting civilians, see Robin Davis, Onyesonwu Chatoyer, & Nancy Wright, “Sanctions Kill: The Devastating Human Cost of Sanctions,” Hood Communist (blog), March 26, 2020. September 29, 2020. September 22, 1991. Idem pour les collectivités : « diagnostic de faisabilité d’approvisionnement, accompagnement à la rédaction de marchés publics » leur sont proposés. A more recent white paper about China’s progress on human rights issues. Buzkashi is a traditional Central Asian sport that often involves playing polo with a sheep carcass while on horseback. (Guangming) [Inner Mongolia], “Fascinating China EP36: Tatar Saban Festival.” YouTube video, 2:39. January 18, 2018. Its report on China raises concerns that “human rights groups and others reported hundreds of thousands of Uighur Muslims… forcibly sent to re-education camps...”. ➤ 2019 February 22-27 – A group of 11 journalists from Indonesia and Malaysia, as part of the ASEAN Elites China Tour 2019, visit Xinjiang. “E-commerce development boosts farm produce sales.” CGTN. “Syria and Chemical Weapons – Secrets and Convenient Lies.” Sputnik. ➤ 2019 July 1 – Hong Kong protestors storm and vandalize the Legislative Council. ➤ 2019 January 22 – The Organisation of Islamic Cooperation announces its one-week-long visit to China. This video from before the 2018 controversy covers many aspects of developmental work in Xinjiang, including education, labor transfer, grassroots governmental work, and living standards for people finding employment outside Xinjiang. Nonetheless, an interesting perspective from a scholar who studied the XPCC on behalf of the Central Organization Department of the CPC (Central Compilation and Translation Bureau 中央编译局) during a restive period in Xinjiang’s history. Si l’intégration des produits locaux dans la restauration collective est une belle opportunité pour les producteurs, il convient en amont de bien se préparer. A more recent article detailing the governmental measures offering support for rural Xinjiang Muslims who wish to go on hajj pilgrimage. Ed. 2019. La Chambre aimerait se rapprocher des 200 market place qui existent en France. Footnote 33 cites Bao Yajun’s article on the XPCC but misrepresents the source, which does not mention labor camps as Lehr asserts. ➤ 2001 June 15 – In the inaugural meeting of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, China identified the “three evils” (the Chinese term 三股势力 is more akin to the “three forces” or “three influences”) of extremism (极端主义), separatism (分裂主义), and terrorism (恐怖主义). ➤ 2019 March 18 – China releases the white paper “The Fight Against Terrorism and Extremism and Human Rights Protection in Xinjiang.” A transfer employment program for 100,000 people was mentioned and would presumably be the object of consternation in the ASPI report of March 2020 alleging slavery. ➤ 2019 February 28-March 2 – Diplomats from Myanmar, Algeria, Morocco, Vietnam, Hungary, Greece, Singapore and the mission of the League of Arab States visit Xinjiang. ➤ 2020 January 23 – Having confirmed human-to-human transmission of COVID-19 in tandem with the World Health Organization, China locks down Wuhan City and later the entire Hubei Province. A letter from about 100 scholars and religious personnel in Xinjiang rebuking comments made by Secretary Pompeo. (credit: Amy Niehouse). Nous devons faire des tests et sortir de ce problème par l’expérimentation. Legal. December 4, 2018. Retrouvez aussi des articles techniques et des vidéos sur l’ensemble des productions locales. “The War on China.” Izak Novák (blog). Of particular note, it was not until the recent decade that Chinese language was taught to minority children starting in the first grade (previously it started in the fourth grade). “Xinjiang scores victories in the war on poverty.” Global Times. ➤ Mid-2015 – The ETIM/TIP becomes settled in Idlib Province, Syria, particularly in the city of Jisr al-Shughur, near the border with Turkey. A general overview essay about the longstanding decades-long strategy of the United States against China. Ignatius, David. Fewer still could speak to the autonomous region's complex political, cultural, and religious history as well as to its complex legacies as a crossroads between diverse peoples over many centuries. March 28, 2019. http://www.news-leader.com/story/new...tion/75473312/ (March 1, 2016). ➤ 2015 October – France begins operating “de-radicalization programs.” It would seem these programs have since garnered mostly criticism from the public, but mainstream Western discourse has not accused France of cultural genocide. Many citizens may have concerns about the appropriate level of taxation, gun control, or environmental protection, but these concerns are not necessarily strong enough for them to become politically active. Rachel Caron. Also runs the English-language Turkistan Times. Based on the history of Western atrocity propaganda, its funding sources, and the poor quality of the ‘research’ being pushed, we are skeptical that the U.S.—having engaged in two decades of perpetual war in Muslim-majority nations—has any legitimate moral interest or grounds on which to defend Muslim religious rights in Xinjiang. “Our story - the Kazak nationality.” YouTube video, 3:00. September 29, 2017. A white paper devoted specifically to cultural policies in Xinjiang, with special considerations for the minority nationalities of Xinjiang. Novák, Izak. “Xinjiang Muslims welcome govt’s efforts on hajj journeys.” Global Times. This blogpost—slightly dated now given the evolution of the controversy—properly examines the Xinjiang controversy in the U.S.’s strategic calculus. Alexis Graindorge, président de JA de Normandie, abonde : « JA doit être présent aux côtés des EPCI pour élaborer les plans alimentaires territoriaux ». In 2014, Ferguson, Missouri, erupted in protests and riots following a decision not to indict Darren Wilson, a white police officer, in the fatal shooting of Michael Brown, who had allegedly been involved in a theft at a local convenience store and ended up in a dispute with the officer. ➤ 2019 May 10 – Val Thompson, founder and publisher of International Focus Magazine - Houston, writes on his experiences visiting Xinjiang. ➤ 2019 January 25-31 – A media delegation from Egypt visits Xinjiang. Paraphrasing remarks made by Wang Yi at the UN - clearly identifying poverty as a root cause of terrorism. It bears repeating that this figure includes normal vocational education as well as those educated in institutions funded by the 2015 World Bank project. Some mobilization efforts develop more slowly and may require the efforts of group leaders. ➤ 2001 September 11 – The 9/11 attacks claim the lives of 2,977 people (excluding the perpetrators). These documents had strange grammatical errors and have been disavowed as false. ➤ 2020 June 18 – CGTN releases another special about terrorism in Xinjiang, Tianshan: Still Standing. (Based on Tong, Li. January 23, 2017. July 14, 2020. If free riding is so prevalent, why are there so many interest groups and why is interest group membership so high in the United States? beauty collective that’s ready to transform the world. The Epic of King Gesar is an epic cycle originating in Tibet but finding wide expression across Central Asia. May 23, 2019. September 28, 2020. Basic Interests: The Importance of Groups in Political Science. ➤ 2019 November 16 – New York Times publishes a story about “leaked documents” concerning Xinjiang. “Villagers get access to clean water as projects continue.” CGTN. Xinjiang’s Diverse People, Cultures, and Experiences. This article quotes from the horse’s mouth the role of the National Endowment for Democracy as the “sugar daddy of overt operations” for State Department anti-communist and regime change agendas. What could have been done to overcome the problem? ➤ 2019 August 28-September 1 – Diplomats from Yemen, Equatorial Guinea, Mozambique, Zambia, Côte d'Ivoire, South Africa, Ethiopia and Zimbabwe visit Xinjiang. “Travelogue with Tajik people: Modern life in Xinjiang's rocky mountains.” YouTube video, 29:19. Between “several hundred thousand and just over one million” detainees are “estimate[d]” from “information from various sources...”, citing specifically Naoko Mizutani’s Newsweek Japan article. While Western media often paints Xinjiang as a black box, Xinjiang has in fact never been closed or restricted to outside visitors until the outbreak of COVID-19 in January 2020 (unlike Tibet Autonomous Region, which requires most foreigners to acquire special permits to visit). “The Black Hand – ETIM and Terrorism in Xinjiang.” YouTube video, 29:06. “'What is the Empire’s Strategy?' 10.3: Collective Action and Interest Group Formation, [ "article:topic", "authorname:openstax", "disturbance theory", "Free rider problem", "material incentives", "purposive incentives", "solidary incentives", "showtoc:no" ], 10.4: Interest Groups as Political Participation, http://www.news-leader.com/story/new...tion/75473312/, Explain the concept of collective action and its effect on interest group formation, Describe free riding and the reasons it occurs, Discuss ways to overcome collective action problems, joining a group to be with others like you, joining a group to obtain a monetary benefit, joining a group because you care about a cause, joining a group because it is a requirement of your job. ➤ 2020 September 9 – The U.S. State Department creates a new page just for propagandizing “CCP”’s atrocities in Xinjiang, in addition to releasing a short condemnatory video. The World Uyghur Congress began conducting activism based on the allegation of Xinjiang “concentration camps” in August 2017, four months after the promulgation of the Xinjiang De-radicalization Regulations. “Joint Letter to Mike Pompeo, From Scholars and Religious Personnel in Xinjiang.” Tianshan Net. ➤ 2020 July 31 – The United States imposes Global Magnitsky sanctions on the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps over accusations that it is connected to human rights abuses against minorities in Xinjiang. Vous trouverez dans cet article des informations liées au métier d’agent de restauration : son rôle, les lieux où il exerce, son salaire, ainsi que les différentes formations pour devenir agent de restauration. The white paper “Employment and Labor Rights in Xinjiang” provides further that from 2014 to 2019 “Xinjiang provided training sessions [vocational education] to an average of 1.29 million urban and rural workers [annually], of which 451,400 were in southern Xinjiang.” This 1.29 million figure here is for all vocational education, not just persons who undergo vocational education as a part of the de-radicalization program. From a Chinese perspective, this article questions why Western voices which claim to value human rights have not paid heed to issues of violence and terrorism directed against civilians in Xinjiang and beyond. These are miscellaneous sources covering contemporary Xinjiang, Xinjiang’s diverse people and cultures, Xinjiang’s modern and ancient history, and the little-understood, even within China, Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps (XPCC). State Council Information Office of the People’s Republic of China. December 18, 2019. “The Propaganda Multiplier.” Swiss Policy Research. People often free ride when they can obtain benefits without contributing to the costs of obtaining these benefits. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press. “Different media report differently on controversial Xinjiang re-education camps in China. September 3, 2020. This seems to be scrutinizing the transfer employment program from an earlier Chinese white paper. A series of personal stories told by individual members of China’s nationalities, in celebration of 40 years of Reform and Opening Up. ➤ 2020 August 15-16 – Carl Zha and Daniel Dumbrill both release interviews held with Arslan Hidayat, an activist noted for spreading many lies about Xinjiang by faking captions and taking Douyin and other videos out of context on social media (see this Twitter thread, which also exposes similar lies made by CJ Werlemen, who would shortly afterwards write an article alleging 9 million incarcerated in Xinjiang). In response, the United States begins to wage the “War on Terror” and engaged itself in combat in at least 24 countries. « La vente sur internet, comme celle pour la restauration collective, a besoin d’une approche logistique. [Chinese language]. In the late 1960s and early 1970s, college campuses were very active in opposition to the Vietnam War. Total 24 countries and the European Union criticized China’s position on Xinjiang, ¶41 - United Kingdom joint statement on behalf of itself, Albania, Austria, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Japan, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, United States, Represented in joint statement and criticized in individual capacity: United States (¶43), Criticized in individual capacity: European Union (¶58), Turkey (¶45), Total 57 countries supported China’s position on Xinjiang, ¶40 - Belarus joint statement on behalf of itself, Angola, Antigua and Barbuda, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cambodia, Cameroon, the Central African Republic, Chad, China, Comoros, Congo (Democratic Republic of), Congo (Republic of), Cuba, Djibouti, Egypt, Equatorial Guinea, Eritrea, Gabon, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Iran, Iraq, Korea (Democratic People’s Republic of), Laos, Mauritania, Mozambique, Myanmar, Nepal, Nicaragua, Niger, Nigeria, Oman, Pakistan, Philippines, Russia, Serbia, Sierra Leone, Solomon Islands, South Sudan, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Suriname, Syria, Togo, Uganda, United Arab Emirates, Tanzania, Venezuela, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Palestine, Represented in joint statement and supported in individual capacity: Bolivia (¶56), Burundi (¶52), Cambodia (¶49), Cameroon (¶48), China (¶66), Cuba (¶53), Congo (Republic of) (¶77), Equatorial Guinea (¶60), Guinea (¶70), Laos (¶76), Myanmar (¶61), Nicaragua (¶64), Korea (Democratic People’s Republic of) (¶73), Pakistan (¶68), Syria (¶55), Zimbabwe (¶57), Supported in individual capacity: Ethiopia (¶72), Kyrgyzstan (¶59), Saudi Arabia (¶75 - note: qualified support). He asserts it “has nothing to do with fighting terrorism” and more to do with establishing military control over a territory of strategic interest to Chinese trade routes. Some offer material incentives, which are tangible benefits of joining a group. 阿依图娜. CGTN. ➤ 2020 June 29 – Adrian Zenz publishes a report alleging mass sterilization of Uyghur people through the Jamestown Foundation. May 3, 2020. July 7, 2020. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press; Frank R. Baumgartner and Beth L. Leech. Mainly, ASPI analyzes “28 facilities,” but alleges 181 (Agence France-Presse) or “as many as 1,200” (Adrian Zenz) such facilities, although an examination of their cited sources reveals no evidentiary basis for such allegations. Interest groups often have to contend with disincentives to participate, particularly when individuals realize their participation is not critical to a group’s success. March 19, 2019. “Looking China: Xibe ethnic group in Xinjiang.” YouTube video, 11:59. “Trade and tensions between the U.S. and China.” Monthly Review. An extensively-sourced and medium-length exploration of the World Uyghur Congress, a focal organization from which many of the other organizations advocating East Turkistan independence branches off, and its shady connections with U.S. regime changers and Turkish far-right actors. says it has credible reports that China holds million Uighurs in secret camps.” Most news outlets failed to clarify that the UN CERD—let alone a sole committee member thereof—cannot speak for the UN; Gay McDougall said she had credible reports but failed to cite them. Fuller, Graham E. & S. Frederick Starr. Collective action problems exist when people have a disincentive to take action. ➤ 2020 September 23 – ASPI launches a “Xinjiang Data Project” (reportedly mapping “380 sites of suspected re-education camps, detention centres and prisons that have been built or expanded since 2017”) with an accompanying report on “Cultural erasure.” The former in particular has been heavily criticized online for designating common schools and offices as concentration camps and listing the renovated Keriya Aitika Mosque as demolished. June 19, 2016. (Note: ASPI is primarily funded by the Australian government and maintains strong funding relationships with weapons manufacturers such as Raytheon and Lockheed Martin), ➤ 2018 November 15 – China releases the white paper “Cultural Protection and Development in Xinjiang.”. 6,000 EMPLOYEES WORLDWIDE. This article from the right-wing Washington Examiner cites Pentagon officials designating the East Turkistan Islamic Movement as a terrorist group of security concern to U.S. ambitions in the Middle East—a label which speaks to the double standard of Western media when it comes to ETIM/TIP as a threat to U.S. interests or a cudgel to be wielded against China. July 16, 2019. ➤ 2020 August 27 – Buzzfeed, backed by ASPI and Open Technology Fund (part of the U.S. Agency for Global Media, which runs Radio Free Asia, and a key supporter of 2019 Hong Kong riots) among others, pushes a two-part report relying satellite imagery, blanked-out images on Baidu Maps which are otherwise common occurrences, and witness testimony to further the Western narrative on Xinjiang. CW: Animal harm. “Our story - the Tajik nationality.” YouTube video, 2:44. December 11, 2019. March 20, 2016. These sources provide a quick overview of China’s policies towards minority nationalities and religion, with some focus on efforts with relevance to Xinjiang and Islam. State Council Information Office of the People’s Republic of China. The History and Development of the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps. Du côté des producteurs, car répondre à des appels d’offres publics ne s’improvise pas. May 22, 2018. Xiong, Jack. When, during his presidential candidacy, Donald Trump made controversial statements about immigrants, many rallied both for and against him. ➤ 2018 August 3 – Chinese Human Rights Defenders publishes a report “China: Massive Numbers of Uyghurs & Other Ethnic Minorities Forced into Re-education Programs.” This is the report taking eight anonymous interviewees and extrapolating 1 million incarcerated (or even up to 3 million) from their unverified statements. July 8, 2017. Before then, few casual Western observers were even aware of the province’s existence, which makes up 17% of China’s land and whose population consists of 65% ethnic minority peoples. “The missing people-shredder.” The Guardian. ➤ 2020 July 30 – Amy K. Lehr of CSIS publishes a brief “Addressing Forced Labor in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region: Toward a Shared Agenda.” Particularly noticeable about this brief is its emphasis on the XPCC, with assertions cited backed up by sources from Radio Free Asia, Uyghur Human Rights Project, and Citizen Power Initiatives for China (an otherwise opaque organization based in Brookline, Massachusetts founded by Yang Jianli, a self-described “Tiananmen survivor”). July 4, 2016. Outre leur…, Mardi 20 octobre, l’antenne du Bessin de la Chambre d’agriculture a organisé un débat sur la PAC, ouvert aux agriculteurs et aux…. In the spirit of seeking truth from facts, this resource does not offer definitive answers, nor is it comprehensive in scope. Note: There are several ways to spell “Uygur” in English, including “Uygur,” “Uighur” and “Uyghur.” “Uyghur” is perhaps the most common in international settings, although “Uygur” is the official romanization by the Chinese government. August 6, 2019. December 22, 2018. Moreover, given the history of PRC ethnic and religious minority policy, and the reports from first-hand delegations to Xinjiang from countries and organizations including Egypt, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Thailand, the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation, and even the World Bank, neither genocide nor slavery accurately describe the realities of Xinjiang. ➤ 2019 July 8, 12 – 41st Session of the Human Rights Council. [Chinese language], 新疆维吾尔自治区人口与计划生育条例 [Xinjiang Population and Family Planning Regulations] (promulgated by the People’s Congress of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, November 28, 2002) (made available on the website of the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region Health & Hygiene Commission) (current law, rev’d July 28, 2017) (previous version, rev’d June 3, 2010, available on the website 51labour), This is the statute currently governing Xinjiang’s family planning. These sources also highlight official Chinese perspectives on how to resolve the problem as peacefully as possible. La Cran offre aux agriculteurs un service de « veille et de transmission des marchés publics, de formation de réponse aux appels d’offres et de formation à la certification HVE », reprend Stéphanie Raux-Brout. In some extreme cases, videos from other countries entirely (video was from Indonesia - part of what is being said is “ampun, pak, gak lagi” - have mercy, I won’t do it again), videos from a Taiwanese BDSM club, or edited and pixelated photos to try to push the narrative. From 1990-2016, China considered the terrorism problem to be particularly severe in Xinjiang. The student protests were supported by civil rights groups like the NAACP, and their efforts culminated in the president’s resignation. 2016. Serious problems with claims by US-backed NGO and far-reach researcher ‘led by God’ against Beijing, The Black Hand – ETIM and Terrorism in Xinjiang, Tianshan: Still Standing - Memories of fighting terrorism in Xinjiang. Nearly 1,000 personnel from diplomatic, media, and academic circles were invited to visit Xinjiang in 2019. ➤ 2014 May 25 – The Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region issues a notification on “Striking Hard Against Terrorist Activities Within the Confines of the Law,” indicating a turn of attention towards the problem of terrorism in Xinjiang. The Yasukuni Shrine honors, among others, 1068 war criminals, including 14 Class A war criminals, as ruled by the International Military Tribunal for the Far East. August 8, 2020. This video is a collection of Akyns (song-like recitative improvisation accompanied by dombra) performed by Kazakh musician Jiahnur Ohas, overlaid by scenes of Xinjiang’s Kazakh regions. CW: Animal harm. ➤ 2019 June 18 – BBC’s visit to a vocational center. Therefore, free riders can receive the benefit of the pay increase without helping defray the cost by paying dues, attending meetings or rallies, or joining protests, like that shown in Figure. A white paper concerning the broader strategy against terrorism undertaken in Xinjiang. September 12, 2019. Witness to War. “Muslims in Xinjiang show piety during Eid.” YouTube video, 7:32. ➤ 2019 August 29 – ABC’s visit to the vocational centers. Formation of the World Uyghur Congress (1989-2006), Chinese Anti-Terrorism Policy and Context (2012-2016), Entrenching the Narratives (Aug 2018-Jan 2020), U.S. Pursues Unilateral Action (Jan 2020-present), On the Nature of Unsubstantiated Allegations, Chinese Perspectives on the Problem of Terrorism, Poverty Alleviation and Economic Development in Xinjiang, Overview of Chinese Minority/Religious Policies, Views from Xinjiang: People, Cultures, and History. Such is the nature, by intent, of atrocity propaganda as it has been wielded to justify U.S. imperial adventurism. The interviewee Burmahan Moldo (Burumahan Maoleduo) speaks in Kyrgyz. New York: Mariner Books. The prevailing theory is that it was in retaliation for the repatriation. “Assignment Asia Episode 75: Transforming lives and building bridges in Xinjiang.” YouTube video, 25:16. Although Kadeer said, “It is time for the younger generation to take up the leadership role at the WUC,” Isa seems to have been involved in diaspora Uyghur organizations longer than she has, at least overtly (since at least 1996 for Isa and since at least 2005 for Kadeer). Particular attention should be placed on the general rule articulated in Article 15, pre and post-2017: [Chinese language]. Seeking Happiness for People: 70 Years of Progress on Human Rights in China. May 2, 2020. Blandine Graindorge approuve : « nous avons fait chez nous de gros investissements, nous devons donc développer nos marchés. It expressly targets China’s poverty alleviation and pair-assistance programs designed to develop Xinjiang and bring residents out of absolute poverty. ➤ 2016 September 6 – Kyrgyzstan’s state security service attributed the suicide bombing of the Chinese Embassy in Bishkek to the ETIM/TIP. A year later in 2017, Chen would be appointed a seat in the Politburo while retaining his two posts. July 6, 2014. ➤ 2020 August 17 – Radio Free Asia reports that Xinjiang hospital kills babies, relying on witnesses and Adrian Zenz’s mathematically suspect June 29 report. While the U.S. has long recognized that its naval supremacy in the South China Sea could effectively “strangle” China’s economy in the event of hot war, Xinjiang in particular and the Belt and Road Initiative in general provide an overland route for Chinese trade which undermines U.S. military supremacy. Quel est son rôle ? What type of incentives appeal to someone’s concern about a cause? Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps (XPCC). It does a good job of showing the developmental difficulties as well as unique features of high-altitude mountain valley life. China’s Ethnic Policy and Common Prosperity and Development of All Ethnic Groups. Group leaders also play an important role in overcoming collective action problems. “China detaining millions of Uyghurs? ➤ 2020 November 3 - The Islamic Association of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region issues a “Report on Freedom of Religious Belief in Xinjiang” via Tianshan Net.

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